Buhle Betfu Carriers leaders in timber transport

A transport company build on excellence, integrity, respect and commitment.

Buhle Betfu Carriers excels as one of the few companies that transport timber and cane in Mpumalanga. With a fleet that consists of 26 rigid drawbar combinations, that is fitted with load cells and tracking units and is carrying 38.5 ton payloads, they ensure that your load reaches you in time.

In timber transporting Buhle Betfu Carriers is a well-known name as they have been entrusted by Sappi to assist with the transport of timber in Mpumalanga. With dedicated 6×6 MAN’s that are used to extract timber to landings/depots that are accessible to timber long haul trucks, Buhle Betfu Carriers helps make the transport of these materials a smooth and effortless process.

Buhle Betfu Carriers are not just a leader in timber transport but also in cane transport in the Mpumalanga, Malelane, Komatipoort areas, with a fleet that assists commercial and small scale sugar farmers with their transport of their cane. Buhle Betfu Carriers also consist of their own loading equipment when it comes to the loading of cane. At this stage they use Bell three wheelers and excavators to assist in the loading of cane.

Buhle Betfu Carriers is a logistics provider, assisting with delivering supply chain solutions to their customers. With growth and change Buhle Betfu Carriers is leaders in adapting their infrastructure and therefore can adapt perfectly to suit there customer’s needs.

For the best timber and cane transport solutions contact Buhle Betfu Carriers.