Who is Buhle-Betfu Carriers?

Thank you for reading through our company profile. Buhle–Betfu Carriers is one of a few success stories in broad base empowerment in the transport industry. It is not a forced BEEE initiative – that is the major reason for it succeeding in it’s objectives in broad base economic empowerment since 2002.

Company Structure


  1. 60% Local Cane Farmers Malelane and Komatipoort (635 growers)
  2. 40% Cargo Carriers Pty Ltd

Reasons for partnership

  •  Broad base economic empowerment to the people.
  •  Expertise within company with 50 years experience. Management and resources and transferring skills to Buhle Betfu Carriers.
  •  The location of the infrastructures at the 2 mills in cane operations.
  •  Management with Cargo Carriers but skill transfer into a system of self management.
  •  Capital availability based on history – financial institutions willing to fund profitable sustainable business unit.
  •  Insurance availability.
  •  IT solutions for different business requirements and applications.


  1. Business managed by board of directors appointed by partnership.
  2. The relationship between the shareholders is governed by a shareholders agreement.
  3. Board of directors appoints management team to ensure that business is managed according to shareholder expectations, contractual obligations and within the framework of cooperate governance.
  4. Overhead dilution – Share of staff and resources for better and cost effective management system between operations.
  5. Skill Transfer
  6. Community involvement and projects based on shareholding.

Business Units

  1. Cane operations Malelane and Komatipoort. 12 vehicle – operation with loading outsourced.
  2. Sappi Ngodwana 24 vehicles express fleet to the mill. Responsible for 80 % of log deliveries to the Sappi mill.


  1. Buhle – Betfu received a Platinum Logistics Achievers Award in 2005.
  2. The first transport company to receive RTMS accreditation in Mpumalanga to date only 2 accredited companies.
  3. Rated as reliable transport company servicing the TSB mills in Komatipoort and Malelane.
  4. Expanding business from 15 to 24 vehicles at Sappi Ngodwana.
  5. Receiving special contractors awards Sappi 2010 for Safety and most innovative contractor.

Why do you need to embark in discussions with Buhle-Bertfu?

  1. Buhle – Betfu is ready to expand into new markets.
  2. Has a 8 – year success track record of BEEE.
  3. Bring 50 years of experience with it. See all the failures in the past years in the transport industry.
  4. Transport industry complex and competitive.
  5. Excellent delivery track record with the TSB and SAPPI mills.
  6. Skill transfer in one of the most difficult business environments.
  7. Capital availability through track record and business partners – MFS.
  8. Technical knowledge and management ability.
  9. Skill availability from Suppliers such as MAN.
  10. Buhle Betfu Carriers continually strive for improved performance by exploring innovative ideas and principles.