What does a transport logistics company do?

The purpose of a transport logistics company

Supply chains have evolved at an ever greater pace; during the evolution of the supply chain there has been certain infection point where significant change happens fairly quickly. Buhle Betfu is in the midst of that infection. Through hard work, we have managed to grow because of the passion we have for what we do.To us, customer satisfaction is important to us.

The ultimate purpose of any transport logistics company is to satisfy the customer by establishing linkage of people at all levels in the organisation directly and indirectly to the market. Supply chain management is made up of different phases such as sourcing, procurement, careful planning and scheduling.

The objective is to plan and co-ordinate all activities necessary to achieve desired service and quality at the lowest cost possible.

Transport logistics company operations

The operation of a transport logistics company determines the efficiency of moving of products, the progress techniques and management principles improves the moving load delivery and speed service quality and operations cost. The role of transportation is bigger and more important than just delivering goods; management plays a very big part that is why we have a well-handled transportation system in place, so a good transport system performing in logistical activities brings benefits not only to service quality but also to company competitiveness. The other thing that Is required of transport and logistics company is financial transparency, sound risk management processes and state of the art technology, all of these are in place and they give us an idea of a cost effective method of planning how our clients goods are going to be delivered from point A to point B and to make sure that they are delivered on time.

Buhle Betfu gives training to each staff member so we can make sure that we give our customers the best service that we can.

Buhle Betfu transport logistics company has managed to grow in the industry despite the challenges that we have faced the past few years. The Buhle Betfu has a very skillful, dedicated and well-balanced team with over 150 years of experience in transport and related industries.taking pride in the work that we do has gotten us a lot of exposures that is why our company is doing so well. We make it our mission and purpose to provide viable and sustainable transport solutions to our selected clients.

Even though our company is growing rapidly; we are determined to maintain the values of this company which are sincerity, commitment, respect. We believe that our employees have contributed immensely to the company’s success by very working hard.so by continuing to do so we can take this company to greater heights. We deliver goods on time whatever the circumstance with no excuses to make sure that our clients are happy with our services at all times. Our clients are very important to us because without them this company would not exist so we thank you for the support and trusting us.

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